'The Pembroke' Fairfax & Favor Unboxing & Review

Towards the end of last month (May), I purchased the lovely, luxurious Pembroke handbag from Fairfax & Favor and I have been using it everyday since then.

I've not stopped using this bag mainly because it's so lovely but also to see if it would fit into my everyday life which I'm chuffed to say it does! The Pembroke is a beautifully size handbag and is the perfect everyday bag for work and weekend. It has many internal compartments and sections which come in handy to keep my bag tidy and keep me organised.

Since using this bag I have received many compliments on how lovely it is and how luxurious it looks and I have to agree, not just because it is mine but it really does have a look about it that just makes it look pricey, without sounding snobbish but seriously, you spend a lot, you want it to look like you have. The leather and suede feels really good quality and feels like it's built to last.


The bag was presented in a really lovely, branded, hinged navy box which is great for storing the bag when not in use or for someone like me that is now obsessed with this bad and doesn't use anything else, the box is perfect for storing other items in!


The thing that really stood out for me when I first had a look at the bag was the long strap. It's the most perfect length you could imagine and being a short person, a non adjustable strap can put me off buying a bag altogether. The chain is intertwined with leather and it adds a really lovely touch to the bag making the chain a little nicer than just standard gold.

The bags compartments are all internally so there is one long zip that goes from one end to the other and contains the whole bag in. Internally, the bag is divided into 2 equally sized sections and both sides are identical. This divider is finished with a leather edging and is strongly structured so it doesn't just flap around in the bag. Along the lining of the bag, on both sides, there is a slip pocket which is the perfect size for an iPhone 6S and one of the pockets has the Fairfax & Favor stitched onto.

The whole bag internally is made of suede except for the side panels, grab handles and zipper which are made of a textured leather. There are also four gold feet on the bottom of the bag which is a very helpful feature for keeping the bag upright.

Although this bag is very simple without hundreds of compartments it stands out from the crowd due to the suede and leather features.

Overall, I'm a really big fan of this bag and think it's quite the staple piece in any Fairfax & Favor lovers collection.

Hope you liked this review and I will try to do more detailed reviews of items in the future!

Much Love,

Jazmine x

All opinions are my own and I will always give an honest review. I was not contacted by Fairfax & Favor to review this product. Photography, wording and opinions of my own are in black and any quotes from brands are in red. If a product has been given to me to review it will be stated.